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By Dominic Teahan

This immaculate Peterbilt is owned by Steve Ramsbotham ('Rambo') of Levin. This truck is more than just eXtreme, its eXtraordinary! Not only was this Peterbilt privately imported from the US to New Zealand, but it has also worked more than 3 years and travelled 44 states with the same owner. Hard to believe, when it looks like it's just rolled off the factory floor!

The rig is a 2000 model 379EXHD Peterbilt with a 127'' bonnet and has been working in the country for little more than three weeks. It usually hauls general freight on a B-train all over the North Island.

In the States the truck worked for a Memphis chemical company and was fitted with a 63'' Peterbilt sleeper. To allow for local conditions the sleeper had to be removed, although reluctantly according to Rambo, and the chassis shortened by 2 meters! The conversion to right hand drive was done by White Bros. Panelworks Ltd in Hamilton.

Featured Truck Featured Truck Featured Truck

This spectacular unit is fitted with a 525HP N-14 Cummins engine and an Eaton 18-speed Roadranger transmission and rides on a Peterbilt air suspension. It is nicely set off with offset alloy rims and a Peterbilt class package which includes polished chrome on the inside of the guards, on the side and top of the bonnet and on the side windows. Other features include a polished 20'' Texas styled block bumper, cut dual exhausts with chrome exhaust shields, four Peterbilt air horns, chrome visor, personalized plate, LEDs and much more.

At the back of the cab is a scroll that reads "In Memory Of Big Dad & Dickie" a tribute to Rambo's Dad and brother in-law who recently passed away. They were both truck drivers and the Peterbilt is a fitting memorial to a trucking family who take great pride in their trucks. The spotless presentation of this special Peterbilt is a credit to Rambo and family.

A special thanks to Rambo for the opportunity to photograph this superb rig.

Featured Truck Featured Truck Featured Truck

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Photos: Dominic Teahan 27/08/05

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