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Robbie and Jaden Gilmour's
Mack Super-Liner LTs

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By Simon Teahan

CALAIS CONTRACTS LTD is an earthmoving company which run 12 Macks from their base near Whakatu, in the Hawke's Bay. The latest trucks to wear their colours are two imposing Super-Liner LTs run by owner-drivers Robbie Gilmour and son Jaden.

The near-identical Super-Liner LTs have been on the road for nine months and after being double shifted have already clocked up more than 200,000km. Both units spend a lot of the time in quarries and other off-road sites, but like the majority of the impressive Mack fleet have not been spared any accessories. Both have been fitted with full stainless air cleaners, stainless visors, cut back 6" exhausts, tinted windows, 6 cd stacker, red button interior and offset alloys.

The Super-Liners haul sand and other aggregate in the Transfleet deck and 4 axle Transfleet trailers around much of the Hawke's Bay and as far away as Taupo and Gisborne. Both units run Cummins Signature engines rated at 550 hp with the Mack Maxitorque 18-speed Trans.

Two Tridents and eight CH Macks make up the rest of the fleet, which includes a tri-drive CH tractor unit with tri axle bottom dumper and three tipulators. A big thanks to Jaden for his time and providing us the chance to feature his and Robbie's awesome Mack Super-Liner LTs. Also, thanks to Mark for his patience and time.

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Photos by Dominic Teahan

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