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You may remember a number of rigs in Wayne Croft Transport colours we have photographed over the years. This Mack is the latest to join the Whangarei based fleet. The Trident is the 6x4 axle-forward model with the MP8 535hp engine and mDRIVE transmission. It features the 46” mid-rise premium sleeper and when ordered every option, inside and out, was ticked. The Mack was also ordered with an impressive 5980mm wheelbase.

XT first photographed the truck at it’s first public outing at last month’s Wellsford Truck show. Since then the truck gained it’s High productivity motor vehicle permit, had a number of cosmetic updates and it’s maiden trip in late March. We caught up with the truck and Wayne’s son, Darrell Croft (DC) who has had a big input on the setup and look of the Mack Trident and is the sole driver of the unit. We asked him about the build of the Trident.

DC: Shane Kemp of Truck Stops Whangarei and I went to Brisbane in October of last year to see it coming off the production line. It was obvious to the guys on the production line it was going to be a bit different to the normal trucks they build. Seeing it there was even more of a reason to want to get it landed in NZ and complied so I could deal to it.

Once it arrived myself and Dad went to Palmerston North to talk face to face with Murray Sowerby (General Manager) of Motor Truck Distributors and ‘Cookie’ of the mod Centre to change the things we had asked to be done.

These were to:

  • remove roof lights and air horns from cab
  • remove standard visor and fit custom built one with lights in it
  • remove cab extenders off sleeper
  • fit retro style air intakes
  • fit power invertors to pump etc
  • have fuel and hydraulics tanks painted white and stainless straps fitted

Once it left Palmerston North it came to our shed where we got all the rear light bar deck plates and guards set up by a good friend - Brian Morgan. During this time we spent a lot of late nights removing the pre cleaner off the intakes, making front lip on the bumper and sorting ride height out. Custom lower cab panels, olskool style mirrors led lights were all made by Chris Stanley of Custom Truck Chrome.

Shane Kemp at Truck Stops Whangarei used his knowledge to source hard to get olskool badges and decals as well as getting all the black mud flaps made how I wanted them. The only thing I haven't completed yet is the TV install and painting of the deck plate covers. The only future plans are to put full height straight stacks which can only happen when our unloading shed is changed, hopefully this year.

XT: Who were the people involved in the customization?
DC: Thanks to Chris Stanley, Shane Kemp, Brian Morgan and Stewy his worker who did all the engineering work. My olman,Wayne for letting me do it my way.

XT: One last question, what is the story behind the plate?
DC: The ‘HUCKIE’ plate is named after the olman's dog. Was a present from all our family to the olman for Xmas.

Big thanks to Darrell for his time. The way Wayne Croft Transport's new Mack Trident has been setup and presented is a testament to Darrell and Wayne's passion and dedication to operate custom working trucks.

Specs & Details

2014 Mack Trident
Owner Wayne Croft Transport

Based Whangarei

Engine/Trans MP8 535hp mDrive



 Photos: Simon Teahan

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