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FEATURE Kenworth K108

Cabover Kenworth Aerodynes have always been iconic trucks on NZ roads and this fine looking king cab K108 continues that tradition.

John Hutchinson has trucking in his blood. Born and bred in Wellington he is a third generation trucker and started driving from a young age. XT first caught up with John in 2009 when he was driving his father’s trucks a fine looking Western Star and sharp Argosy which we featured.

John now runs as an owner/driver and contracts to Mainfreight running under the Chemcouriers brand. He purchased the big Kenworth last year which was formally owned by Ian Hobbs who ran it under Halls refrigerated.

The truck is a 2009 Kenworth Aerodyne K108 2.8m cab with a CAT C15 Acert turbocharged engine rated at 550hp. The first thing John did after taking ownership of the rig was to remove the top hat from the aerodyne. John explains he wanted a more “old school” look. With the aerokit gone, the 6" cut exhausts can be seen from all angles. The visor, stainless air cleaner scoops and grille bars were supplied by Chris Stanley and fitted by John.

"Having a smaller sleeper would be hard now" says John and you can see why when you climb into the cab it’s like a small room. The truck has the premium Kenworth trim and includes fridge and TV to make the trips away from home more comfortable. John has also fitted chrome surrounds for the instrument bezels.

The big Kenworth's normal run is hauling dry goods one way and hazardous materials the other between Wellington and Auckland. Thanks to John for his time and congratulations to him for presenting such an impressive Kenworth to a high level.


Specs & Details

2009 Kenworth K108 Aerodyne

Owner John Hutchinson

Based Wellington

Engine CAT C15 Acert 550hp turbo

 Article and photos: Simon Teahan


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