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Mike Purvis owner/operator of Oruanui Linehaul is renowned for operating top class trucks. This Western Star named Oruanui Prime, which hit the road just last week, is his latest. The truck is a 2013 4864FX 40” Stratosphere with the Detroit DD15 engine. The truck was one of the vinyl wrapped Western Stars at the 2013 Trade and Heavy Equipment EXPO. When Mike purchased the truck it was already in Halls colours but only factory spec appointed with raised air intakes.

In true Oruanui Linehaul style, Mike wanted the Star to look unique and a standout on the road. The most striking extras include the sensational looking horizontal grille, the massive 16” deep drop visor and 8” mitre cut exhausts; all of which Mike purchased from Truck Centre BOP.  Chris Stanley supplied the back bumper and back drop plate as well all the clear LEDs. The truck was sent to Malcolm Cab solutions in Rotorua where it had all the extras and lights installed.

With the truck being double shifted Mike wanted an extensive light setup, so he went for a red, white and blue combination. Front facing are white LED lights with the exception of the blue on the top of the air cleaners. There are red and white LEDs on the air cleaner light bars which were fabricated by Malcolm Cab solutions. Blue and white LEDs feature on the side and inside the exhausts shields.

Mike had Patchell Stainless of Rotorua to move the battery boxes under the sleeper creating a longer look for the tractor unit and making it easier to get to the back of the truck. They also fabricated the smart stainless battery box covers, chassis chequer plating and fitted the guards.

According to Mike 'every day is a truck show', and over the years the trucks he has owned and the way they get looked after is a true testament to this slogan. Thanks to Mike for his time and congratulations for the way he has transformed his new Star - ORUANUI PRIME.

Specs & Details

2013 Western Star 4864FX
40” Stratosphere sleeper

Owner Mike Purvis, Oruanui Linehaul

Based Taupo

Engine Detroit DD15 560hp

Dimensions: Unit length 22m.



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