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By Simon Teahan

These two eye-catching Kenworths run by J.D. Hickman hail from the city of New Plymouth located in the Taranaki province. Both trucks have had no expense spared and with striking Curtinside trailers look the part and then some hauling general freight around the North Island.

The T904 was purchased this year and is driven by Shaun Dicke aka Buckweed. His ride runs a CAT C-15 engine and pulls a Jackson Enterprises manufactured '05 B-train.

The truck has a long list of extras and arguably the most noticeable would be the stunning boltless Texas style bumper. The truck was ordered with a 2 piece windscreen and features traditional doors with manual window winders by request. Some of the other notable extras include a stainless rear light bar, headlight eyebrows, visor, kick panels, tank skirt and rear tread plate.

The K104, which was purchased January '06, is driven by Duane Hickman aka D-Pipe. Duane has been driving for 12 years, 10 of those being in Western Australia. His ride pulls a Jackson Enterprises manufactured '07 alloy trial B-train. The cabover features stainless visor and step inserts, deluxe interior, twin exhaust and air cleaners, personalised plate and sports a CAT C-15 engine

Shaun custom made all the stainless extras on both trucks. Big thanks to Duane for his time and for the great photos of two outstanding K-Whoppers.

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Photos by Duane Hickman

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