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Past Features


John Hutchinson's K108

N & J Wood's Lonestar

Nigel Terrill's Superliner

R & R Malam's K200

Wrights Haulage Kenworth


Troy Slater's 'The Outlaw'

Jaden Gilmour's K104

Mark Amer's Trident


Kelvin Anderson's Vision

Lindsay Taylor's Mack

Gundy Transport Kenworth

R.B Mackersey Transport T909

Jake Rogers' Argosy

Wayne Croft's Kenworth


Barry Parker's Peterbilt

Ward Demolition Kenworth

Greg Camenzind's V8 Scania

S.A and D.M Stewart's Mack


Leif Blair's 904


Bulldog Haulage FLB




Mike Purvis' Kenworth - 'Oruanui Extreme'


ANDSSR Transport 'Goddess of Fire'


H.J & A.R Lingman's 'Smooth Criminal'


Rueben Mason's 'Hot Gossip'


Trev Harcourt's 'xXx'


Will Gundesen's Argosy



Rainbow Haulage T408e


JJ's Ultraliner


Sweedish Delight


Repeat Offender

Te Aoātea

Biggspec CH

Laking FLD 120

Downlands Argosy

Ferndale Farms Kenworth W924

Daryl Hutchison's Star and Argosy

Croft Mack Superliner

Chapman Group Peterbilt 389

D.J.R. Trucking's Aerodyne

H. J. and A. R. Lingman's T908

Hick Bros Star

Allied Truck Force K108

Sand 'n' Stone Stars

Reliable Distributors' K104B

Menefy Super-Liner

Rambo's Memphis Express

Dean Fitzgerald's Star

Allen Mills and Son Kenworth

STL Linehaul Limited T904

R & R Malam's T950

Paul Hammond's Ultraliner

J.D. Hickman Kenworths

Abernethy Civil Ltd Star

Calais Contracts Super-Liners

Rene Niovara-Dave's K104

DKM Transport's 9200i Eagle

Dave Chamber's W900L

Reid's Transport T600

STC Western Star


Chapman W900L

Robin Jago's Western Star

Cheviot Towing Kenworth

Dibble's Super-Liner LT

Whitfield Transport's K104 Aerodyne

Vanzanco Ltd Argosy

Leif Blair's T904

Eban Norman's Superliner

Rob Dahm's Kenworth W924


Craig Pepperell's Scania

Andre Potter's 'Chariot of Fire'

Paddy Kake's Trident

Brandon Daley's USA KW

Alexander Group's Western Stars

Steve Gutschlag's K104


C.W. Caulfield's W924

Carey and Cheryl James' Superliner

C.A. Reid's Kenworth K104

Steve Ramsbotham's Peterbilt

Craig Martin Cartage

Pyramid Trucking

T.G.H Haulage KW


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