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Feature - BiggSpec Mack CH

 Flame On!

Biggspec Trucking MACK CH

First met Greg Biggs in 2005 when he was driving a mean looking  Argosy for Vanzanco Limited. We are big fans of the innovative custom work  from Greg and friend Chris Stanley so XT had to feature this hot rod of a Truck, his raised MACK CH.

XT wanted to find out the story behind this rig so asked Greg about the project and he has kindly provided some info about the build and photos.

Photos: Chris Stanley, Greg Biggs and Simon Farac










Greg Biggs: “The truck is a 25th anniversary sleeper cab CH Mack powered by a 454hp with an 18 speed Mack box and Mack air rear end. Rego use to be “WD 6614”, was purchased by myself in September 2007 in a fairly tired level of condition. The previous owners had a really good run out of it, but sometime in 2005 it was parked in a freight yard in Auckland and sat still, until I came along.

I had big plans for the truck to lift the cab, rake the bonnet and run twin exhausts but I had a tight budget and after doing some home work and talking to the guys that lifted and raked Mike Flynn’s 575 CL  I quickly realised the cost of this meant it would probably never happen, especially with an engine that needed rebuilding . Initially I gave the truck a quick tidy up, removing old stickers, buffing  the paint, fixing oil leaks ,new front springs, a valet by Cam, and a few other things.

A bit of time went by and I worked the truck a little bit, then  I decided to try and sell it, but no real interest meant give the truck away  or try and hang on to it for a bit longer and see what happens. About a  year later I spotted a crashed CH Mack in the equipment guide being parted out, it just happened to be one of only two CH’s that had been lifted  from  new and had the Mike Flynn style custom raked bonnet original rego was “NAMATE”, so quickly a deal was done and for a good price I owned the whole wreck including a very good E-Tech 490hp engine. We got the wreck back to Biggspec Custom Trucks in Manukau City and striped it right back to bare chassis rails carefully racking and stacking all the parts as we went. Then we started tearing down the anniversary model to make a start on rebuilding it.




The 454 engine and 18 speed was yanked out first giving us room to work on the chassis, then using the bent and damaged cab mounts off the wreck we remade new ones and with a bottle jack and a few blocks of wood we quickly had the cab sitting  6 inches  higher . We used the extended gear lever and steering shaft off the wreck. Any unused chassis holes were welded up and polished, we fabricated a new exhaust system using raw 6 inch steel tube,  seamless maximum height stacks was the look we were going for with 30 degree mitre cut tops .




The E-Tech engine and 18 speed Mack box were bolted in with a new radiator and intercooler, we also threw away the electric starter that came with the wreck and replaced it with an air starter. The wiring loom in the cab had to be changed over to suit the etech engine, then  after priming  the fuel system and checking all fluids the engine fired right up with the first burst of air from the starter. We added chassis brackets for a second start tank to keep the truck consistent on both sides, made patterns for everything custom, then stripped everything off and sent the truck away for paint. 


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