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Mark Lane's R730 Scania

This stunning R730 Scania is run by Mark Lane of Lane Contractors Limited from Clevedon. Mark has been running Scanias in Mainfreight colours for a while now and his latest - nicknamed ‘Sweedish Delight’ has been spared no expense.

After seeing the Scania at the recent Speedshow in Auckland, where it featured on one of the stands, we were so impressed by the overall look of the rig we contacted Mark and managed to meet on a exceptionally fine day. XT caught up with Mark at the Mainfreight Otahuhu branch. Even with the size of the surrounding buildings, yard and other trucks about, Mark’s truck shines and catches your attention.  The dimensions of the Scania cab and the styling is enough to catch the eye, but with the bright blue Mainfreight paintwork, murals, unique accessories and polished wheels; this ride demands your attention.

In July 2010 Mark travelled to Europe with a group of 28 potential buyers for the launch of the Scania 730, organised by CablePrice, in River Del Garda, Italy. He was suitably impressed with the Scania and his was in the first batch of 730s to arrive in New Zealand.

Mark Lane 730 Scania rollinMark liked the way some of the European based Scanias were presented so this influenced his rig's setup. The 730 features four massive head lights mounted on a top bar which were ordered from Sweden and fitted by Cableprice. The impressive 'V8' stainless setup behind the cab was cut by Alan Grocock, Watercutting Technologies, East Tamaki.

The 730 features two beautiful women, either side of the cab as well as the Swedish flag and 'V8' graphics. These were applied by Frank Bogart of Bogart Designs, Drury. Mark also wanted dual side exhausts on both sides (all pipes are fired through) which give the Scania more of a hot rod look. There is also a stainless pipe fitted and fabricated by Tony Cook of Tranzmech, below the side skirts on both sides. This looks like another exhaust but is just for looks explains Mark “I wanted to go for a low look”. 

The specifications for the R730 make for impressive reading, they include the Scania DC16 21 Euro 5 engine which is rated at 730hp @1900rpm, 3500Nm @1000-1350rpm; GVM;26,500 kg GCM:60000kg; Diff ratio 3.42:1 with inter-axle and cross axle diff locks, full air disc brakes and ABS anti-lock braking.

The Scania can be seen hauling either a 5 or 6 axle b-train around the North Island. Big thanks to Mark for his time and thumbs up for putting one of the most impressive new rigs to go on the road.

Story and photos: Simon Teahan

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